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Why Arden

Why building your dream home is more appealing than ever


If the self-isolation restrictions proved something for homeowners and renters alike, it’s the importance of living in a home and location that responds to your needs. The lockdown regulations to which Australians have been adhering over the past two months have seen people spending more time at home than ever.

Our daily allocation of exercise was also limited, as we were encouraged not to drive to parklands and walking trails, and instead only venture to places within walking distance. This means that the home and localities in which we live have had a greater impact on our lifestyle than ever before.

For some, we’re sure that time spent in isolation has heightened the appeal of building your dream home in a great location. And the team at Arden Homes want to help make this dream a reality. Here’s how:

Knock down rebuild

If you love where you live, but want a new or larger home that responds to your family’s unique needs, then a knockdown rebuild could be the cost savvy, flexible and location-retaining solution you’ve been searching for. The process involves demolishing your current house and replacing it with a new home.

Some of the advantages include:

  • No compromising: you choose the exact home design that meets your lifestyle needs. Arden Homes is committed to offering total design flexibility.
  • Location: you’ll remain in the locality that you love; close to family, friends, and schools.
  • Certainty: you’ll avoid the cost and time uncertainties of renovating.
  • Stamp duty savings: these charges do not apply when razing and restoring on an existing site.
  • Fixed building costs: to ensure there won’t be any budget blowouts.
  • Sustainable home features: if your gas, electricity and water bills have increased during lockdown, you can ensure your new home is fitted with the best sustainable features to ensure you save money on bills.
  • Peace of mind: you know exactly what you’ll get before you start; from the façade, to interior finishes and appliances.

New build

When it comes to finding your first home, the choice between buying an existing home or building a new one can be difficult, with so many considerations to factor into your final decision. If you’re currently renting, or living in a location that’s not so ideal, there are so many advantages that come with building a new home in a new location:

  • Save on stamp duty: when you buy land and build on it, you only have to pay stamp duty on the price of the land.
  • Low maintenance: it’s unlikely that you’ll have to spend money on repairs or renovations in the first few years of living in it, since it’s newly built.
  • Higher degree of personalisation: Arden’s commitment to design flexibility ensures you’re building a home that really responds to your unique preferences.
  • Desirable location: when you purchase land and build on it, you’re likely to be purchasing within a family-oriented or masterplanned community. This means parks, amenities, and shops will be close by, enhancing lifestyle opportunities.
  • Sustainable living: new homes must be built to meet certain sustainability regulations. This means you’ll be living in a home that is more economic, and eco-friendly – aka reduced bills are coming your way! At Arden, we’re passionate about providing our purchasers with sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective living opportunities.

And to make your dream home even more achievable, for a limited time, in greenfield (new land estates) we’ll take on all site costs at no charge to you, saving you thousands.

With social commitments and holidays off the cards for the past few months, many Melburnian families used the lockdown period as a time to increase savings, making now the best time to start the journey to your brand-new home. Start your journey with Arden Homes today.

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