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Serious About Sustainability

Solar Panels

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about building sustainable homes at Arden. We love creating eco-friendly solutions within our homes, to offer cost-effective and energy-efficient living solutions for our customers – all while looking after the environment. We do this through a number of methods: 

Solar Power 

One sustainable initiative we’re particularly passionate about is solar power. In fact, to encourage more solar panel installations that will help our clients save on energy usage and bills (as well as support the environment).

The battery pack that’s provided with the system means your panels can store power that wasn’t used during the day, cutting your electricity bills even further. Solar panels are very low maintenance, and with occasional checks from an electrical contractor, your panels could last around 25 years.  

And if you’re still wondering whether you should invest in solar power for your Arden home, consider this: installing a 5kW Solar PV System can reduce your carbon footprint by 6 tonnes per year! This year, we’ve reduced the carbon footprint by 108 tonnes, which is the equivalent of planting 5,418 trees! 

Intelligent design and natural light 

Installing solar panels isn’t the only way we ensure our homes are environmentally friendly. We also consider design aspects like window placement and room positioning to ensure our homes harness natural sunlight to promote energy efficiency. Ensuring our homes are flooded with natural light can minimise a household’s reliance on heating systems, reducing bills and ultimately helping the environment. 

If you want to discover all the sustainable features we can include in our homes, check out our joint venture Aquarevo home – it’s a perfect example of how a family home can be both sustainable and eco-friendly (and beautiful!). Our Aquarevo home was also granted the MBAV (Master Builders Association Victoria) award for Best Sustainable Home under $750,000, further solidifying Arden as a leader within the energy efficiency space, by adopting a sustainable design approach to building. Some of the home’s features include materials made from 100% recycled soft drink plastic bottles, an all-electric heating and cooling system powered by the sun, and water efficient systems that consume approximately 70% less water and 50% less energy than the average household. 

We look forward to keeping sustainability and energy efficiency at the forefront of all our initiatives, as we continue to build the homes and communities of the future. To get started on building your very own sustainable Arden home, contact our team 

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