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Décor & Inspiration | Sustainability

How to style your home sustainably


At Arden, we understand the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in your home, which is why we offer living solutions that take the environment into consideration.

As well as engaging with an eco-friendly builder like Arden Homes, you can also do your bit to look after the environment by styling your home sustainably.

Here’s four ecological ways to beautifully style your home:

  1. Indoor Plants

Apart from adding a fresh touch to your home, indoor plants can also help to filter out harmful toxins and combat air pollution. Plants offer a range of health benefits including improved air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide levels and releasing oxygen.

Some indoor plants that help purify the air include Spider and Snake plants, Aloe Vera plants and Bamboo Palms. Placing these plants in your home can help you save money on air ventilation and purification technologies, as well as add to your home’s aesthetic.

To discover the best low-maintenance indoor plants to feature in your home, read our blog.

  • Opportunity and Vintage Shops

Looking for some new décor? The answer might be just around the corner, literally! Opportunity, or ‘Op’, Shops are the perfect place to grab furniture and home accessories for a bargain – and even better, all items are second-hand (or pre-loved as we like to call it), making them a sustainable option.

Op shops often have some hidden gems, as people tend to donate vintage items that they no longer need or use, so while you’re abstaining from fast furniture that might not last, you may also find beautiful items for a smaller price tag, all while donating to a charitable cause.

Vintage stores are also eco-friendly as typically all items have been pre-loved, meaning no new materials have been used to manufacture them.

  • Recycled materials

When shopping for new furniture that matches your interior design, it isn’t always possible to find what you’re looking for in op shops or vintage shops. You can, however, still purchase sustainable items.

Pieces made from recycled materials, such as timber, metal, glass and wood are an eco-friendly option compared to furniture made from composite materials, such as particle board and plastic, which aren’t biodegradable.

  • Remodel or Repurpose

Do you have an old piece of furniture that no longer suits the style of your home and seems to have no purpose? Instead of buying a brand-new item, remodel it!

Paint over a weathered cabinet or end table to freshen it up, repurpose an existing fireplace into a bookshelf or wine rack or transform an old chair into a garden bed – the opportunities are endless!

At Arden, we’re proud to offer sustainable options to every customer – so you can live ethically while reducing your bills. If you want to discover all the sustainable features we can include in our homes, check out our joint venture Aquarevo home – it’s a perfect example of how a family home can be sustainable and eco-friendly (and beautiful!). Our Aquarevo home was also granted the MBAV (Master Builders Association Victoria) award for Best Sustainable Home under $750,000 in 2019, further solidifying Arden as a leader within the energy efficiency space, by adopting a sustainable design approach to building. Some of the home’s features include materials made from 100% recycled soft drink plastic bottles, an all-electric heating and cooling system powered by the sun, and water efficient systems that consume approximately 70% less water and 50% less energy than the average household.

To build your eco-friendly home with us, contact our team!

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