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Complementing cornices with CSR Gyprock


When it comes to planning the interior design of your dream home, we’re pretty sure cornices and plasterboard don’t make the top of the list. But these seemingly small details can go a long way towards accentuating and completing your desired atmosphere.

Cornices create harmony and definition by defining the line where a wall and ceiling meet. Although they might not be the most exciting design aspect of your home, the type of cornices you choose can also make a lasting impression. 

At Arden, were proud to partner with high quality brands, such as CSR Gyprock, who are known for their performance and style to ensure maximised quality for our customers. 

CSR Gyprock has been the leading brand of plasterboard, cornice and plastering accessories for Australian homes since 1947. We use only CSR Gyprock plasterboard and cornices in all of our homes. 

Here’s CSR Gyprock’s cornice s can complement your desired interior design: 

1. Contemporary

Contemporary interior design combines soft, curved lines with neutral colours to reflect the style of the late 20th century.  

Our Bargello 24MK2 home (pictured) features contemporary design traits such soft neutral tones, panelling and curved detailing. 

For rooms where you want to draw attention to architectural elements of your home you may want to consider an understated cornice style that doesn’t distract the eye. The CSR Gyprock Cove cornice (pictured) is an excellent choice due to its elegant proportions and uncomplicated lines.  

It has a functional profile that creates a gentle transition between the wall and ceiling without making a major statement, blending in seamlessly with the contemporary home.

The Cove Cornice is also low maintenance! It’s the easiest to keep clean since its rounded profile is not as likely to collect cobwebs.  

The CSR Gyprock Cove 75mm cornice is the standard inclusion in our Aspire and Lumina homes, and is also available in 55mm and 90mm sizes. 

2. Modern Opulence

Inspired by styles of the 21st century, modern homes feature angular shapes, sharp lines and textured materials such as wood and metals.

A modern home can offer a more luxurious, opulent feel by taking advantage of light and space with the use of open plan spaces.

When it comes to modern homes, CSR Gyprock’s square-set cornice is the perfect choice. Pictured above in our Luxe Torquay home, the square-set cornice gives your ceilings a simple yet refined edge.

The square-set cornice is a popular optional upgrade to our Lumina and Aspire homes and comes as a standard inclusion to our Luxe home range.

3. Art Deco

Art Deco was popularised in the 1920s and 30s, and can be found in famous architecture like the Chrysler building in New York. Art Deco defines a style of furniture and architecture with unconventional geometric shapes, chandeliers and printed fabrics.

When choosing a cornice style to fit this unique interior design, the strong geometry of the CSR Gyprock Duo and Trio cornice styles complete the art deco look.  

The definitive double and triple-stepped cornices make for a dramatic impact in a hallway, living room or master bedroom.

CSR Gyprock’s cornice styles range from classical, elegant and detailed and also include the Concerto, Symphony, Aria and Alto.  


We also partner with CSR Gyprock for the plasterboard featured in all of our homes.

Plasterboard is a rigid insulating board made of plastering material covered on both sides with heavy paper. It’s used to line walls and ceilings.

If unwanted noise and improved durability is needed, we can upgrade your rooms to Gyprock Supercheck™. Or, if someone has allergies or asthma, then ask us about Gyprock Sensitive – the first and only residential plasterboard to be approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program.

You can view the full range of Gyprock cornices and plasterboard via Gyprock’s website. 

To see how we’ve used CSR Gyprock’s products to complete our homes and complement their interior design, visit our display locations.

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