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Checklist of Things to do When Moving into Your New Home



Will you hire your own truck and rope in friends and family to help lend some muscle? Or will you go the easier, but more expensive route of hiring removalists? If the latter is your preferred option, get at least a couple of quotes a few weeks out. Bear in mind it usually costs less to move on a weekday.


Whether you are coming from a rental, or an exisiting property to your brand new home you’re going to have excess items that you no longer use. Put aside a day to cull, then divide those things into three piles: sell, donate or throw out. If you expect your clear-out to be on the large side, don’t forget to hire a skip in advance to remove any unwanted items that may be too big for an ordinary bin.


Leading up to the completion of your new home, you may receive a settlement date a few weeks beforehand. Work towards this date to get everything orgasnised for your new home.
Internet service providers are often run off their feet, so be sure to ring a few weeks in advance to organise installation. At least a week out, ensure your electricity, gas and water are ready to go. For your electricity, you may have the option of selecting your own provider or sticking with the energy company your builder used throughout construction.


Think car rego, your mobile phone, banks, superannuation and health insurance. Update any subscriptions, your driver’s licence and get your address changed on the electoral roll.
Lastly, let family and friends know where they can find you – so they know where to send your housewarming gifts!


You want to ensure all of your new appliances, crockery and furniture you have purchased are covered from the day you move into your new home. It might seem expensive, but it’s always worth it. Make sure you do some research on the right insurance companies to suit your needs. It’s sometimes worth starting coverage a day before settlement for that extra bit of peace of mind.


Contact the local council in advance of your move to order bins for your new home. You’ll likely need a rubbish, recycling and green waste bin.


Moving day can be hectic enough without worrying about what the little ones – and the furry ones – are up to. If you can, organise a friend or family member to look after your young children and pets for at least a few hours on the day.


A quick visit to your new place with a tape measure will help you rest easy knowing that your large couch, dining table or fridge will actually fit in your new home. It’s also worth checking whether these items are likely to fit through doors, hallways or even up your staircase. If you want to start buying some items before your new home starts construction, you can always speak with your builder or dedicated point of contact  (Customer Service Representative or equivalent) and get them to show you how to read your plans and measurements so you can start planning where to put everything and what will/wont fit.


Plan your meals to use up everything you can. Then defrost your fridge and organise an Esky or cooler bag to move anything left over.
On move in day you will be busy getting boxes unpacked and furniture positioned that you may forget about food. Try to organise some snack packs for the kids, some nibbles to keep you and your helpers happy throughout the day, and if you have the time, some pre-cooked meals for the first few nights to relieve some stress,  giving you one less thing to worry about.


Be sure to have plenty of sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspaper to wrap items, markers and Allen keys.
If you’re really organised, you can also organise a ‘first night’ kit, including essentials such as loo paper, PJs, toothpaste and toothbrush, your child’s favourite teddy to help them settle in, snacks and medications.


Buy a bottle of something to savour once the hard work is over, and enjoy your new home!

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