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Supplier feature – Bradford Energy


As part of our commitment to both sustainability and quality, we’re very selective about the businesses and suppliers we choose to partner with. This month, we’ll be telling you little about our relationship with Bradford Energy, and the innovative solutions they’re helping us put in place to ensure that our customers experience reduced energy costs, better energy efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint in every Arden home.

Bradford is highly regarded across Australia for the quality of their residential solar systems, and we’re very proud to have taken the step of including Bradford solar panels as standard in every Arden home from 2021, and offering a range of additional upgrades to help our customers make the most of what’s available. Bradford Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy suppliers, and has been trusted by Australians for over 80 years. We’re pleased to be able to partner with an energy supplier that shares our values of commitment, sustainability and value.

Why Solar?

Every hour, the sun beams onto Earth enough solar energy to satisfy Earth’s power needs for an entire year. Solar energy is consistent, clean, easy to capture and store, and best of all – it’s abundant and free. Here are some of the reasons we’re proud to be adding Bradford Solar to every Arden home.

Saving our customers money 

A well-designed solar energy system can increase the value of your home, and reduce your family’s vulnerability to rising energy costs. The average family of 5 will save almost $2,000 a year by switching to solar.

Reducing your family’s carbon footprint

Parts of Australia are already experiencing the devastating effects of climate change, and we have a responsibility to our fellow Australians and the wildlife we love to reduce carbon emissions and try to preserve our way of life. Increasing your uptake of renewable energy reduces your carbon emissions – in fact, for every MWh of solar power you use, that’s a full tonne of CO2 that’s not being released into the atmosphere.

Improve your quality of life

Affordable luxury is one of the core goals that drive our business. We want to provide luxury to our customers at an affordable cost, and that includes AFTER we hand over the keys. Luxury means having control over your energy needs, like being able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without worrying about how much power you’re using or the impact on the environment.

Extra security

When teamed up with a home battery, solar is a great way to protect your family [and the contents of your fridge!] from grid blackouts. Keep the lights on during outages and make sure you have access to the energy you need, when you need it. By adding a Tesla Powerwall to your home as an optional upgrade, you’ll be able to store the energy your solar panels produce, meaning you can use the energy after the sun goes down.

So, what’s included when you build with Arden?

Our Aspire range includes a battery-ready Bradford 5.18KW grid connected solar PV system, while our Lumina range includes Bradford 2.96KW system as standard. Optional upgrades are available to provide our customers with options for energy storage, such as the Tesla Powerwall.

If you’d like more information about upgrades, our friendly New Home Consultants will be happy to help you!


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