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A Smooth Move


At Arden, we understand that moving into your new home requires a lot of work, and can be a demanding and stressful time in your home building journey.

To ensure you’re organised for the big day, we’ve compiled a list of five handy tips to help make the move to your new Arden Home seamless.

1.Collect boxes

Before the move, try to collect as many cardboard boxes as possible. Ask friends and family if they have any that you can use for the move – you’ll be surprised how many people do have spare boxes lying around! This saves time and money as you won’t have to go out and buy new boxes. It also saves you from buying cardboard, which in turn helps the environment (every little bit counts!)

Tip 1: For boxes that don’t have handles, cut holes in the sides with a boxcutter for easier lifting and carrying.

Tip 2: As an alternative to carrying several boxes, you can pack heavier items, such as books and picture frames, in suitcases you already own. They can then be wheeled around, instead of carried (your back will thank you!)

2.Strategically organise boxes

When packing boxes, sort them each by room so that once you get to your new home you can place each box in the room it belongs.

You can also give each box a star rating – one star for low priority, two stars for medium priority and three starts for high priority. This will make things easier when unpacking and ensure the high priority items get unpacked first.

3.Dispose of unwanted items

We all have items or bits and pieces that we’ve hoarded over the years. Take advantage of the packing stage by using Marie Kondo’s method of purging the items you won’t need or use in your new home. This will help speed up the moving process as you’ll have less to pack!

4.Leave clothes on their hangers

When packing clothes from your old closet, keep them on their hangers and place them all together in large garbage bags. Carry the bags by the handles of the clothes hangers for easy transportation. This saves you from carrying multiple boxes of clothes and taking time out to hang clothes back on their hangers in your new wardrobe.

5.Keep an esky handy

Between moving out of your old home, and moving into your new one, there’ll be a period of time when the electricity and gas will be turned off. To make sure that your frozen and refrigerated foods aren’t subjected to the sun while moving, bring along a few eskies to keep your frozen goods cool.

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