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A Frond Embrace – The 3 Best, Low Maintenance Indoor Plants


Looking for a simple, low maintenance, and inexpensive way to breathe life into your home?

The solution is only a short drive to your local nursery!

Indoor plants are excellent features that can add a simple, yet effective sense of life and colour to your home, without much maintenance at all.

And more than adding to your home’s aesthetic, they also offer a range of health benefits including improved air quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels, and an enhanced sense of wellbeing, due to their calming energies.

To help you bring your Arden home to life, we’ve got some indoor plant inspiration for you! And the best part: the plants featured in this blog are all super easy to maintain, so don’t stress if you’re not a natural green thumb!

Here are our top three favourite indoor plants: 


An ideal indoor plant to feature for your bathroom is the Fern. This plant thrives in humidity, so sitting on the window sill in the bathroom is perfect! The Fern’s delicate leaves will offer a subtle touch of greenery to complement your sleek and stylish Arden bathroom.


The perfect plant to add flowing greenery to your living area is the Ivy (not the poisonous type!). Position this plant next to an east-facing window so it captures the morning sun. These plants look great either styled in a hanging basket or a basic plant holder. You can also place them to brighten up an unused corner in your home.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily, as its name suggests, brings a calm and tranquil energy to any room. Place it in the study to enhance the creative environment, or even in the bedroom to promote a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

Safety Tip: Ensure plants are either secured firmly, or placed out of reach from small children or animals, as the desire to tug on flowing leaves could result in messy or painful consequences!

With a bit of sunlight and fortnightly watering, these plants practically grow themselves. There’s no need to to trim, fertilise or re-pot these plants as they are typically small and so won’t outgrow their pots. They’re also resilient in any kind of indoor heating and cooling environment, making them the perfect interior companion.

If you’re in search of interior design inspiration when it comes to plant placement, visit our beautiful display homes. We love using plants in our interior design, so there’ll be plenty of ideas for you to gain!

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