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5 Ways to Enhance Your WFH Space

Working from home (WFH) has become the new normal for many but feeling motivated and productive at home isn’t always easy. From housework, to the temptation to binge watch your favourite Netflix show, there are many potential distractions.
That’s why it’s important to set up your workspace to create a thought-provoking environment where your best work gets done.
Here are five ways you can organise your WFH space to increase productivity:
1. Separate work from home
The most important aspect of working from home is separating the two. Although working from your bed may sound ideal, it’s easy to get distracted and feel less productive when your workspace is the same as your relaxation space.
Create a new workplace in your home, just for working, so that your brain knows it’s time to focus when you’re in this space.
Sticking to the same routines you have when working normally can also help with motivation and productivity. For example, if you usually have a shower when you wake up before work, continue to do that. Get changed into something other than pyjamas and take your normally structured breaks.
2. Essentials only
When it comes to preparing your workspace, ensuring you have a clean and tidy desk is vital. If your desk is cluttered, it can make your brain feel cluttered as well, which can lead to lack of productivity when it’s time to work.
Clear your space completely, whether it’s a desk or table, and keep only essential items such as your laptop, a notebook, pen and glass of water close by.
3. Delete distractions
It can be incredibly easy to get distracted by your phone. Sometimes just checking your Instagram feed can turn into an hour-long procrastination session – we’ve all been there!
To ensure you won’t get distracted while working from home, leave your phone in another room. It’s as simple as that!
We all need a short break from work every now and then, so dedicate these times to scrolling your Insta and Facebook feeds and having a bite to eat.
Alternatively, instead of turning to your phone when you’re feeling unmotivated, stick some motivational quotes around your workspace and focus on those.
4. Let the light in
When you set up your workspace, try to choose a room that has a window to let in some natural sunlight. This is especially important if you’re working on a screen or reading for most of the day.
Apart from the fact that reading in a darkened room can put a strain on your eyes, exposure to sunlight can also help to increase your mood. Open those windows to let the sunlight in and get some Vitamin D!
When building with Arden, we take into consideration the position and orientation of your block to ensure every room receives ample sunlight, all year round, so finding a naturally sunlit space to work won’t be a problem.
5. Stimulate your senses
Everyone works and learns differently. Some people take in more information while listening to music, others learn visually. Consider what type of learner you are when it comes to finalising your workspace.
If you usually have music playing at work, set up a Bluetooth speaker; if you work well with visuals, add an indoor plant for a pop of green at your desk; even burning a candle can increase concentration.
At Arden, each of our homes features a Dulux three coat paint system to all internal walls and two coats to ceiling as a standard inclusion. To help focus and generate big ideas, Dulux suggests painting your study wall a monochromatic colour.

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